Revenue Assurance

How much revenue you are sustaining is down to someone who understands the whole revenue and profit chain. This person also needs to be empowered to investigate and fix process, system and organisation weaknesses, to deliver significant profit and cash improvement, often incredibly quickly.

How can NW/A help?

Revenue & Profit Finding Sprints
Using decades of deep insight experience into business processes, people and systems, NW/A quickly review the end-to-end sales to cash processes, identifying where the bottlenecks or ‘leakage’ points are. Data analytics are deployed to assess the ‘lost money’ in the revenue chain. Business Cases are assessed, based on fast ROI, and then an agile project management method adopted, to increase profit.
Bespoke Trouble Shooting
This service is a tailored subset of Revenue and Profit Finding Sprints, whereby our clients have ‘hunches’ about (or in fact know) which areas of their revenue chain are broken, but are just not able to fix it. Deploying NW/A’s expertise can cut through organisational inertia, delivering results faster than the organisation itself, or the deployment of the Big 4, which invariably means plenty of youthful energy learning on the job. We’ve fixed hundreds of business blockages — let us fix yours.
Enhancing Business Controls and Regulatory / IPO Support
A challenge for all rapidly scaling start-ups is to establish and embed control frameworks that will withstand scrutiny from corporate giants, who they wish to work with. Alternatively, start-ups may opt for Initial Public Offering, or they may have grown big enough to draw attention from Regulators. This latter situation is especially true for those start-ups introducing disruptive technologies to highly regulated industries, such as Banking and Financial services. NW/A can complement its Revenue Finding approach to design and embed a more in-company robust control processes. Although businesses may naturally think of the Big 4 for this type of project, NW/A’s approach is to deliver controls to businesses whilst growing profits.
Anti Money Laundering and Risk
As recent years have shown, simply being compliant with all the regulations isn’t enough to keep the money laundering away from the financial institutions. This can lead to being fined, loss of trust in brands by the customers, two-digit drop of share prices, CEO’s and heads of boards losing jobs. To prevent such risks, banks and other financial institutions need to invest in proper technologies that, in addition to being compliant, will also help them to prevent, detect and report potential money laundering cases and typologies, and to do this work effectively, timely and based on real risks. Because it is far too complex to build such technologies in-house, we sell our SaaS technologies, which can be easily integrated and run.
Anti Fraud Management
One of the fastest growing industries in the world is Fraud. Millions are being invested by organised criminals in attacking digital B2C and B2B supply chains. All businesses are under threat, with global eCommerce businesses, which transcend jurisdiction of many countries, especially vulnerable. Fraud hits the profit line – getting your business model wrong, along with the cost of fraud, could represent up to 50% of your gross profit, especially in sectors reselling services, such as travel or food delivery.

NW/A, in conjunction with partners such as Dataminer OU, has developed a highly commercial approach to managing the risk in your business. We’ve seen anti-fraud processes which are the enemy of the sales activity designed to drive growth. Get fraud and risk management wrong, you could stop all fraud by stopping all sales. This sounds extreme, but we’ve helped companies increase sales by 40% in a matter of weeks, without material rises in fraud. This is only achievable through an advanced and deep knowledge of IT Systems,fraud threatscape and analytical capability.

After finding out the root causes of the fraud and getting the teams’ working procedures right, companies need to ensure they stay on top of them as they grow. This often requires even higher effort - increasing sales volumes, new markets and products, increasing manual workload, more aggressive and complex fraud attacks. To tackle them, companies need to integrate proper anti-fraud technology that allows them to automate the control cycle, and speed up the work for manual agents, allowing data analysts to keep up the constant fight against increasingly sophisticated attacks. That’s why we offer dedicated products for all these.

NW/A can also provide special investigations into the risk from internal frauds, one of the most difficult types of fraud to protect against