Growth is no longer a choice for your business. How do you achieve and sustain it while ensuring you keep your team motivated and proud?

How can NW/A help?

Our approach to growth is pragmatic, swift and effective. We like to view the Growth function as a machine, a production line of inputs which finally results in a finished product (customers and revenue). The Growth process is not a single silver bullet but should be an entire system of activities, all working in synchronicity across multiple mediums to attract the most profitable business at the most effective cost of acquisition. To this end we assess and recalibrate every aspect of the growth mix:

Sales competency
Irrespective of channel, Sales processes must be optimised to convert. A key component to this is people. The quality and development of your people is paramount to maintaining the cutting edge capability required to maximise every opportunity. We recruit, train, develop, and build the right team to future-proof your sales competency.
Forecasting / Rhythm
If sales are the fuel of your business then you need to know whether there’s enough fuel in the tank to get to your destination. Our bespoke rhythm of business model creates processes which take the initial budgeting review through to successful delivery of the plan. At the end, we need to know:
  • 1) Where will the Sales come from?
  • 2) Who will sell them?
  • 3) Why would the client buy?
  • 4) What will they buy?
We overlay our 'Star development programme' across the sales function to firstly decide if you have the right people. If not, we'II find them for you. For those with potential, we school them on a high performing culture programme which equips them with skills to succeed, and more importantly the mind-set to do so.
Channel Strategy
Omni or multi-channel must replace a one-dimensional sales approach. Having a blend of contact points for clients and prospects to interact with the business is crucial for growth. We will enhance or build the right contact strategy for the business.