Governance & Executive Performance

Governance at its best fades into the background, becoming part of the fabric of a business, providing a reliable, predictable rhythm that means the basics get done effortlessly, allowing more time for the game-changing activity to flourish. Combining an agile and dynamic executive team with robust, mature and well understood governance is the fuel of world-class performance. NW/A believes we can use good governance as the torque to drive results across your whole business, from the executive to front-line agents.

How can NW/A help?

Governance design and build
We take time to understand the culture and future direction of your business and listen to the experiences of people at all levels of the organisation. We get to the root of core questions such as: Is change prioritised and communicated effectively? Do the right decisions get made? How is accountability driven through the organisation? Does everyone understand the businesses strategy and direction? From here we design a framework to allow the business to operate dynamically but with certainty. We validate with key stakeholders, and document to ensure understanding. We can also help with implementation and iterationif needed.
Executive effectiveness and agility
Even the most talented people can sometimes need coaching and guidance to work as a team, especially when business challenges require over and above day-to-day activity. Our technique of applying agile methodology to senior team management means critical activity is managed in a backlog, with prioritisation handled and delivery tracked using the most appropriate approach (eg. scrum, Kanban or lean). The focus is on delivery without stifling creativity, by removing activity that distracts, or is not proven to add value.
Programme management and PMO
If you need our help to deliver a specific body of work or activity, NW/A is experienced in driving effective and timely programme delivery. From significant multiyear product design and launch to specific, focused process interrogation and improvement, NW/A can quickly deploy the right programme governance, control and monitoring to ensure success. Our associates are familiar with greenfield activity, defining clear and precise acceptance criteria and benefits statements from project initiation. They are equally at home deploying mid-programme, providing a 10-day project health check and next steps assessment if progress is stalling.