Commercial Operations

We look at operations, not as a series of inputs, processes and outputs, but as a commercial opportunity. We help businesses identify and deliver on that opportunity.

How can NW/A help?

We think about Operations in four key areas, adopting a programmatic approach to understanding your business, your customers, your teams, your technologies, and your products.

What are your current capabilities, skills, gaps, and key organisational challenges? We produce a report to benchmark your current operations to help understand the opportunities for efficiency and scale. We create a Target Organisational Model to support three key areas of your people resource.
  • a) Structure – what is the optimum organisational design to support your customers?
  • b) Key skills – understand where the gaps are to implement recruitment and development plans.
  • c) Growth opportunities – we will use our market experience to identify options for expanding your capabilities.
Using our extensive experience in process mapping, we take a detailed approach to understanding how your Operation functions today and what needs to change to help it become more efficient tomorrow.
Creating and maintaining Operational dashboards to help measure your progress is a vital part of the process. We identify the data that you need to capture, and create the metrics that allow you to measure the right activities and outcomes.
By conducting a full analysis of current systems and capabilities, we will work with your internal and external partners, to ensure optimum performance, implementing structured improvements. Leveraging our extensive experience across multiple markets, we will identify any opportunities to implement other technologies, and digital platforms to drive growth.