Brand & Marketing

In a world that is getting noisier and more distracted, we help brands build loyalty and trust with the people that they seek to serve.

How can NW/A help?

Brand Strategy
Brand has moved beyond the visual representation of your business and products, to a set of stories and values that influence a decision to choose your product or service over another. We help you define a clear and coherent strategy for your brand to support sustainable business growth. Key components include:
  • 1) Vision – Define the vision for short / medium / long term
  • 2) Mission – Define what change you’re trying to make
  • 3) Values – Articulate the core values that define your culture
  • 4) Personality – How your brand behaves in the world
  • 5) Benefits – Who your brand is built for and what your products and services do for them.
Brand Identity
Develop a consistent and scalable identity with a clear and authentic tone of voice, to build trust and connection with your team, your clients and your customers.
Brand Listening
Understanding how your brand is talked about in the online market, and in the real world, is key to helping you stay authentic and continually nourish your brand’s personality.
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
How willing are your clients to recommend your business to the market? NPS is an important measure to help you keep a regular check on client satisfaction.
Brand Audit
An audit is a useful exercise to understand if you are consistent across all aspects of your business. It allows you to identify what you need to replace, update and create.
Brand Positioning
Understanding how your brand is positioned in the market today helps you build a plan to get to where you want to be positioned tomorrow.
Brand Marketing
Brand Marketing is everything you do, from the time it takes to receive a response to a client query, through to whether your catalogue is printed on sustainable paper. It’s important to understand the impact of what your business does, and how that can impact your brand in the market.