Analytics & Insights

“The answer is in the data.” Your data holds the key to identifying opportunities for growth, prioritising areas of investment and building a high performing culture.

How can NW/A help?

Business Analytics & Forecasting
Establish a clear view of the market opportunity, create a business plan to address it and agree the KPIs you will use to measure and adjust.
Customer Insights – are you above or below the line?
Listening to and learning from your customers is vital to how you build for future growth. Our methodology starts with understanding the customer journey and pinpointing where customers experience delight and where they are experiencing frustration. Activities include, Brand Index, Net Promoter Score, Satisfaction Surveys, Pain Point Analysis.
Dashboarding and Self Service
Having a single, common, core BI tool that gives relevant data to your employees is crucial to a data driven business. We design, build and embed this into your business and train individuals to ensure that an agile approach to data and insight becomes a part of the culture.
Rhythm of Business
Creating the right environment to hear about Analytics and Insights from across your business will take a deliberate effort from your senior team. If not done well, insights can feel more like ‘noise’ vs additive learning to enable you to make more informed decisions. We assess and upgrade the operating rhythm of the business, with the required analysis and insights, to help your business, learn and adjust.