Lightworks Ventures

07 October 2020

Neil Ward & Associates UK Limited (NW/A) proudly partners with Lightworks Ventures to push positive social and economic change in the digital property & media sectors.


  • NW/A has taken its focus on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance to the next level with its new partnership with LightWorks Ventures.
  • This new joint venture will be formed in Singapore as Lightworks Digital PTE Limited.
  • Singapore based Lightworks Ventures is dedicated to making a positive change in the digital and property technology space. Making it more accessible and fairer for all communities in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand
With NW/A’s continued focus on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, they are proud to announce their partnership with Lightworks Ventures, forming an exciting new joint venture in Singapore called Lightworks Digital PTE Limited.

Lightworks Ventures is a Singapore based business that has accumulated a portfolio of innovative brands, each of which use their digital expertise to provide solutions that solve longstanding economic problems in the property sector, primarily across Southeast Asia.

Although Southeast Asia is the second fastest growing internet economy in the world, after China, there are still segments that have little or no access to its country’s innovations. Lightworks Ventures wants to change this and empower communities.

Bruce Musick, CEO of LightWorks Venture explains: “We believe everyone should have the chance to dream of a better life, that Southeast Asian consumers, no matter their socio-economic status, deserve access to aspirational products and services that elevate and enhance their quality of life - Because it isn’t where you come from in life, it’s where you’re going.”

Drawing from the capabilities of both companies, the objective of the partnership is to enhance the experiences of those involved in the property sector, by developing a global digital platform that connects everyone from businesses, investors and property managers, through to students, families and wider communities.

NW/A is focused on investing in businesses that strive to make a positive change in the world. Building on its achievements in previous investments in the education, retail, technology and energy sectors, Lightworks Ventures felt like the perfect fit; with the opportunity to mirror the great work they are doing in Southeast Asia globally.

Neil Ward, CEO of NW/A says, ‘Bruce and his team of visionaries, coupled with the world class leadership in our current portfolio in Europe, gives us a powerful opportunity to continue to develop future proofed markets for global economies and local communities in digital synergy”.

With NW/A’s experience and strength in working with businesses of all sizes to optimise their entire operations, including their digital capabilities, coupled with Lightworks’ digital expertise in PropTech - together they can be a driving force for change.

Lightworks Ventures was founded in 2018 in Singapore by Bruce Musick, a pioneer of entrepreneurial businesses in Southeast Asia. Having worked in senior positions in both private and public companies in the United States and Europe, he moved to Southeast Asia in the 1990's and has established with US pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, international business conglomerates and high-profile family office investors from the Middle East and Asia.

Lightworks Ventures’ portfolio of brands includes digital media companies providing virtual products and services as well as a number of property technology products.  These products include a regulated fractional property transaction business, short-term rental platform for experiential travelers, college student digital market platform, integrated co-working platform and urban accommodation for young professionals. As well as more traditional property development services in its real estate division.

Founded by Neil Ward, most recently CEO at KNEIP and former VP & General Manager at Skype, NW/A helps businesses who are seeking an accelerated path to value. Their team of Associates and Partners brings together a unique set of skills and experiences, with a results mindset, that can be called upon to get your business where you want it to be.