Our Charity Partner Marie Curie

Many things in life were put on hold for most of us during the pandemic, but for Marie Curie and their dedicated staff and volunteers, terminally ill people desperately needing their help did not stop.

It has been a testing time for most, but the incredible service that Marie Curie provides to their patients and their patient’s families is essential, and quite often goes unseen to the public.

As a topic close to our hearts, NW/A have chosen Marie Curie as their preferred charity partner for 2021, and pledge to raise £10k between all its associates to pay for the costs of running the Glasgow hospice for one day.

Did you know:

  • The Ipsos MORI survey of 1,067 UK carers aged 16-75 revealed that 7 out of 10 terminally ill people don’t get the support or care they need – Marie Curie want to change this and let those that need help know they are here
  • Marie Curie cares for all people, of all ages, living with a terminal illness
  • Marie Curie nurses work night and day, in people’s homes across the UK, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support
  • It costs £20 to fund an hour of nursing – a bag of donated clothes can be worth this
  • Nearly £10,000 is needed to fund one hospice for just one day – Marie Curie run nine

Over the remainder of the year, NW/A associates will be getting creative to raise money for this incredibly noble cause. Activities such as cycling, music events and volunteering to run a Marie Curie store for the day are just some of the ideas we have.

Marie Curie is a not for profit charity and heavily relies on donations to keep going. If you would like to donate (any amount helps), please visit our NW/A Just Giving Page and don’t forget to keep an eye on this page, and our LinkedIn, for updates on how we are doing towards our target!

More information about the Marie Curie Charity can be found here or download their ‘About Us’ booklet.

This is why we are doing this...